Painted Ladies of Ontario at Historic Grimsby Beach

It is so surreal, it feels like you are in a cartoon

Historic Grimsby Beach is a great stop to make on your road trip, especially if you are on the way to Niagara Falls or fruit picking in nearby areas. It is possible to drive through the little community to view the houses, however, parking is easy to find and it is more enjoyable to walk through the little streets, and it is possible to have a picnic too on the park along the beach. The view from the beach is very beautiful, and on a clear day you can even see the CN tower.

Early and late winter are my favorite times of the year to visit, because it is easier to see the houses with less leaves covering them. The area is also quieter as most people visit in the summer.

Photography in Grimsby Beach Community provides a unique opportunity to experiment with color photography and different media. I mostly find myself reaching for my film cameras, particularly with an expired film, it works quite well with the character of those buildings.