Lions Valley Park

Conveniently located with beautiful views

The valley is located in the northern side of Oakville town, it can be accessed from different points, some are official parking lots, but it can to be accessed from a number of residential streets, each access point is unique in a different way, the easiest and most popular is from Lions Valley Park Road just east of Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, which is also suitable for all ages with spaces for family activities and picnics.

My favorite however is the access point from Neyagawa Blvd or Westoak Trails Blvd, it is easier to find a parking spot and it is a more enjoyable hike anyway.

The park features features a number of easy trails, but some have steep paved sections. The lookouts provide a unique view in season. One thing to be careful of is the presence of Giant Hogweed, however, it should not be a problem if you are staying on designated track.